Friday, August 17, 2007

Yoga for Back Pain (Part 3) - Markatasana (variation 1)

Markatasana - Legs together

Markata(n.) = Monkey
Asana (n.) = Posture

Markatasana is also known as Udarakarshanasana

Udara(n.) = Belly, stomach
Akarshan(n.)/(v.) = Pull

Breathing: Normal, deep and slow

Markata means monkey. Haven't you seen a monkey going around business sleeping like this? I grew up a a sub-urban town called Durgapur (the steel township). There were Madaris - the monkey players - coming from the neighbouring Bihar state; their monkeys executed this pose. And then there were occasional monkeys on the branches of the trees in the school ground.

They would often come down and made this pose in a haste and suddenly would sprint for the top branch.

I somehow prefer the monkey (Markata) Asana name - it conjures a fine imagery; whereas the belly pull (Udarakarshana) name is so staid, plain, utilitarian and ordinary.

Drishti = Hastagre ( on tip of the palm)
Hasta(n.) = Hand, palm
Agra(n.) = before, front, tip

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